Digital services portal begins in Kulgam under Digital India Mission

Jammu & Kashmir Digital services are in line with the Digital India Mission, says Bilal Ahmad, Tehsilaar of Kulgam. Whatever services were being provided by the Tehsil office, Kulgam will now be provided online from the portal Domicile Certificate including Dependence Certificate Report, Property Certificate, Unemployment Certificate, Inheritance & other mutations, Income Certificate, Reservation Category Certificate- OSC/OB/RBA/ST/EWS and Legal Heir Certificate being provided in revenue are all being offered online. People can go to the service and portal and request for whatever certificate they want. Previously people used to visit clerks in offices and go from one department to another to get their work done. Now, all these complaints have vanished with the formation of the service portal. The online portal brings transparency and people will benefit from it. Residents say district Kulgam has become corruption-free. Earlier, children used to wait for at least a month to get their certificates made. Now people can get the report from Patwari and get certificates made in one or two hours. Kulgam people are happy that along with money, their time is also getting saved with the Tehsil office becoming an online digital services portal.

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