Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme brings transparency into the system

Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme is going on in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. In south Kashmir almost two-thirds of the work is completed. This is a right step by the government at the right time, say residents of Pulwama. By putting the J&K land records in a digital manner, the people will no longer be at the mercy of Patwari and Tehsildars. The farmers in Pulwama are happy that they will not have to chase them for work. Zamindars used to go after the Tehsildaras and Patwaris prior to this digital development. Digitalisation has made the whole process easy and corruption-free. Earlier, we used to pay fees, then chase the Patwari who used to keep delaying the matter for no reason. Then we had to approach the Tehsildar who used to give in writing to the Patwari regarding the land. All this created a lot of hassle for us. The Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme in Jammu & Kashmir is a very good measure for all of us bringing transparency into the system.

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