Digipay Sakhis trained in Pulwama to help the rural residents to withdraw money

CSC e-governance distributed Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) devices to Digipay Sakhis at a programme in district Pulwama of Jammu & Kashmir. The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha launched Digital Gram Panchayat. People can use debit cards to operate bank accounts and through fingerprints can withdraw money. To promote financial inclusion at grassroots level, CSC e-governance in collaboration with NRLM distributed 25 AEPS devices among the selected Digipay Sakhis of the district. A training session was conducted in Pulwama for the Digi Sakhis. They were trained to reach out to people and make them aware and help them out. Farzana, a local resident, says they were given devices to help the people with the digi pay services. All these Digi Pay Sakhis will facilitate the rural population with financial activities and the move will help in increasing the digital services at the grassroots level in the rural areas. In addition, it will also help in financial literacy among the rural population. Through the digi pay service people can transfer money and pay bills. This initiative has been introduced to promote door-to-door digital banking and financial services in remote areas of the Union Territory. This service is available online. Nahida Bashir, a local resident says, earlier we used to face a lot of problems in banking. Now, we can do banking services at home. Many of the rural population is uneducated. Now, they do not need to carry ATM cards. Just their fingertips will be sufficient to withdraw money.

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