DGP Swain visits Poonch. Gives a call for action against Drugs & Terrorism

DGP J&K Police R.R.Swain visited Poonch, highlighting the pressing issue of Drug smuggling plaguing the region. A local lady emphasised the need for collective action against this menace. Her words underscored the urgency of the situation and the importance of unity in combatting smuggling activities. The DGP vowed unwavering support, declaring, ‘If you need me here, I will be with you.’ He called upon the people of Poonch to cooperate with local authorities to tackle the root causes of smuggling. Emphasising the role of law enforcement, the DGP affirmed, ‘Our police will support you completely.’ Moreover, the DGP urged vigilance against complacency, urging, ‘Do not act as if we are stuck in the quagmire.’ He emphasised the need to educate the public and mobilise resources effectively to address the challenges posed by smuggling. By addressing these issues head-on, he expressed confidence in achieving tangible progress and securing a safer future for all. DGP Swain’s visit to Poonch served as a rallying cry for action against Drug cartel & Terrorism. .

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