DGP J&K Shri R.R. Swain commends Police Public School, Jammu

In a significant milestone in the journey of technological advancement at J&K Police Public School, Miran Sahib Jammu, DGP J&K Shri R.R.Swain inaugurated 5G i5 smart panels. In his address to the teachers, students and parents, the DGP said that the biggest welfare measure of the Police department and there is not a second thought about it is that providing quality education to the children of police personnel especially because all of us are very deeply mindful of the fact that the children of the police personnel lose out on parenting front because of the nature of their job and mostly they live away from family and the children. The DGP said that my vision is to establish a chain of schools in all districts and sub-divisions, offering a safe and nurturing environment where children can grow academically and personally. The core values of the institution should focus on building a strong foundation in education, keeping children safe from drugs, abuse, and discrimination, instilling dignity, equality, and core life values. Provide education to the poorer and farthest reaches of the society, make education accessible to all, regardless of economic or social background, the DGP said. He said that we are committed to the educational interests of children, particularly those of our police personnel. We recognize that the nature of our job can lead to challenges for our children, including limited access to quality education. To address this, we aim to establish schools not only in headquarters districts but also in every district and sub-divisions, and even at the tehsil Police level. He said that to empower children through education, making them capable of achieving their full potential, the Police department is committed to providing dedicated, motivated, sincere, and competent teachers, lead by equally competent Principal and offering a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on academic and non-academic development of the children, and creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all students. The Jammu and Kashmir Police Department is actively seeking government land to expand its network of schools, providing access to quality education for all. The PPS welcomes children from all backgrounds, accepting the challenge to transform them into excellence. The DGP commended the hard work of JKPPS Administrator, Principal, teachers and staff, besides efforts of PWWA members. On the occasion DGP,J&K felicitated 12 teachers of J&K PPS Miran Sahib Jammu whose teaching performance remained excellent during the session 2023-24 and 12 topper students (03 from each class) from class 9th to 12th who have secured good grades. In her address, Prof. Rasmita Das Swain, Chairperson J&K PWWA/PPSs congratulated the Administrative Officer and the Principal of the School. She hoped that the addition of 6 Smart Class Panels will make learning an engaging and interesting process and increase the capacity of students to understand and comprehend tricky concepts quickly and effectively. She commended the Principal for his devotion and dedication and advised the teaching staff to update and hone their teaching skills continuously and to be innovative in their teaching methodologies. She exhorted that the students passed/passing out from our schools should be competent, well-educated and contribute in the progress of the country.

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