Deputy Commissioner Rajouri reviews Drug Control measures at NCORD Committee meeting

RAJOURI, FEBRUARY 23: Deputy Commissioner Rajouri, Om Prakash Bhagat, today chaired a meeting of the District Level NCORD Committee to address the issue of drug abuse in the district. The meeting aimed to enhance the existing measures and strategies to combat drug abuse effectively.
Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat meticulously assessed the ongoing programs and interventions to tackle the drug menace. The meeting facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted approach required to combat and eradicate drug abuse.
Directions were issued to stakeholder departments to collaborate their efforts to achieve the goal of drug-free Rajouri district. The significance of guiding and supporting the youth to ensure they stay on the right path was also emphasised.
The Deputy Commissioner asked the enforcement agencies to identify hotspots of drug trafficking to break the chain supply. The Sub-Divisional Level Committees were asked to intensify awareness campaigns in respective jurisdictions to raise awareness among the community about the hazards and the consequences of drug abuse.
The health department was specifically instructed to improve surveillance of medicine stores through installation of cameras. This measure will help monitor and prevent any illicit activities or unauthorized access to medications, thereby curbing the misuse of drugs.
The Deputy Commissioner emphasized the need for schools to play an active role in preventing drug abuse. As a result, CEO Education has been asked to sensitize school children about the detrimental effects of drug abuse. This initiative aims to educate and empower the younger generation to make informed choices and stay away from illicit substances.
Additionally, the Deputy Commissioner has directed the concerned committee members to involve religious leaders in generating awareness in the community about the drug abuse. Recognizing the influential role that religious leaders hold within communities, their participation in spreading awareness can have a significant impact on shaping public opinion and behavior.
The dedication of the District Administration to raising awareness about drug abuse, particularly among the younger generation, was a focal point of the discussions. The meeting emphasized the need for unity and combined efforts among administrative bodies, law enforcement agencies, religious leaders and educational institutions to create a robust mechanism for establishing the drug-free society.
The District Administration of Rajouri is rigorously placing all efforts to educate citizens, especially the youth, about the dangers of drug abuse. Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat emphasized the importance of effective collaboration among stakeholders in tackling this challenge and fostering a drug-free society.
The District Administration Rajouri remains committed to combating drug abuse and seeks continued support and collaboration from all stakeholders in creating a drug-free society.
The meeting was attended by the SSP Rajouri, Amrit Pal Singh; ADC Rajouri, Rajeev Kumar Khajuria; ADC Nowshera, Babu Ram Tandan; ADC Kalakote, Mohd Tanveer; ADC Koteranka, Adil Mir; PO ICDS, Shoket Mehmood Malik; ACR, Jhangir Khan; SDM Thanamandi, Abid Hussain Shah; DPO, Mohd Nawaz Choudhary; DSWO, Wakeel Ahmed Bhatt;CMO, Dr Rajinder Sharma; CEO Education, Bishamber Dass; MS DH, Dr Mehmood Bajar and other concerned committee members.

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