Delhi to Srinagar on Bicycle. Explore India

The second edition of Explore India on Bicycle embarked on an inspiring journey that transcends mere travel, blending adventure with a profound mission to raise awareness about disabled children. This year, the expedition set off from the historic India Gate in New Delhi on April 8th, marking the start of an extraordinary ride aimed at fostering understanding and support for differently-abled youth. Delhi, India’s capital, served not only as our starting line but also as a metaphorical gateway to the diverse cultural landscapes of the nation. Leaving the bustling streets of Delhi, our team pedaled northward, traversing the vibrant states and entering the serene terrains of Jammu and Kashmir, culminating our journey at Lal Chowk in Srinagar. This route, covering approximately 840 kilo-meters, offered us a palette of experiences, from the architectural grandeur and bustling markets of Delhi to the tranquil beauty of the Kashmir Valley. The choice of cycling for such a significant distance was intentional and symbolic. Bicycles, often seen as simple means of transport, became our tools for empowerment and advocacy. Each pedal stroke carried with it a message of resilience and capability, mirroring the daily experiences of disabled children who overcome numerous challenges with determination. This second version of the journey was not just a physical challenge but a platform to engage communities along the route. Through interactions, events, and discussions, we aimed to shed light on the potential and talents of disabled children, advocating for better facilities, opportunities, and inclusivity in education and other spheres of life. The route to Srinagar was fraught with both challenges and revelations. As we ascended into the higher altitudes of Jammu and Kashmir, the landscapes changed dramatically, and so did the experiences. Each day presented new opportunities to connect with different people, each of whom added threads to the rich tapestry of our journey. Reaching Lal Chowk was a moment of immense pride and emotional triumph. The iconic square, often seen as a symbol of voice and victory, perfectly encapsulated the spirit of our mission. Here, at the heart of Srinagar, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, our journey reached its physical endpoint, but the campaign for awareness and change continues. The second version of Explore India on Bicycle was more than just a testament to human endurance; it was a beacon of hope and a call to action. It highlighted the importance of looking beyond disabilities and recognising the abilities and aspirations of every child. As we plan future rides, our commitment to these young champions remains steadfast, fuelled by the belief that every pedal forward is a step towards a more inclusive society.

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