DDC Jammu stresses creation of durable community assets, attention to local needs in village development activities

JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 23: District Development Commissioner, Sachin Kumar Vaishya, convened a meeting of Village Level Workers and Block Development Officers at Panchayat Bhawan to discuss developmental activities in villages.
The meeting served as a platform for comprehensive discussions, addressing routine challenges, bottlenecks and fostering a proactive work culture.
DDC Sachin Kumar Vaishya led a meticulous examination of ongoing, allotted, completed and planned development initiatives. Matters pertaining to tenders and re-tendering for various projects were also deliberated upon.
Sachin called for expediting project timelines, emphasising the need for commitment to original deadlines. He called upon every one towards cultivating a robust work culture, one that goes beyond the ordinary and which promotes seamless coordination and encourages proactive initiatives.
Special attention was directed towards the Marh, Nagrota, Chowki Chaura and Akhnoor blocks by the DDC. He urged stakeholders to effectively address local issues that may arise during project execution.
Furthermore, officers were instructed to maintain a holistic perspective, always considering the overall welfare of the villages in their planning and execution processes. The DDC emphasised the importance of addressing local challenges with wisdom and urgency.
The meeting also witnessed a comprehensive review of block-wise progress in key government initiatives, including MGNREGA, Swachh Bharat Mission, Amrit Sarovar and Capex works.
Regarding MGNREGA, it was underscored that block-specific activities should be identified to maximise public benefit, tailoring development efforts to the unique needs of each block. The durability of projects undertaken was stressed by DDC Vaishya.
In the context of the Swachh Bharat Mission, the meeting highlighted the need to encourage the public to engage in safe garbage collection and disposal practices. Discussions revolved around behavioural and social change themes to ensure the success of this mission.
The meeting was also attended by Additional District Development Commissioner, Ramesh Chander; Chief Planning Officer, Yoginder Katoch; Assistant Commissioner Development, Priti Sharma besides other concerned officers.

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