DDC inaugurates 1st Batch of PM Vishwakarma Training at ITI B’la

BARAMULLA, FEBRUARY 17: The District Development Commissioner (DDC) Baramulla, Minga Sherpa today inaugurated the commencement of training sessions for artisans and craftspeople under PM Vishwakarma scheme at the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Baramulla.
The initiative aims to equip participants with the necessary skills for self-employment and entrepreneurial success.
The ceremony, held in the presence of Chief Planning Officer Baramulla, Principal ITI and enthusiastic trainees, underscored the administration’s commitment to fostering skill development and economic empowerment in the region.
Speaking on the occasion, DDC urged the trainees to seize the opportunity provided by the PM Vishwakarma scheme to upgrade their skills and harness their potential for self-employment opportunities.
He also emphasized the transformative potential of skill development initiatives like PM Vishwakarma in unlocking opportunities for economic growth and social empowerment. He reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to supporting the holistic development of local artisans and ensuring their meaningful integration into the economic mainstream.
The PM Vishwakarma scheme is a central sector initiative designed to provide comprehensive support to artisans and craftspeople across various trades. It covers individuals engaged in 18 distinct trades, ranging from carpentry to pottery, with the aim of preserving traditional crafts and promoting entrepreneurship.
Through the training sessions conducted at ITI B’la, participants will receive specialized instruction tailored to their respective crafts, enabling them to enhance their skills and competitiveness in the market. The initiative also includes provisions for access to financial resources, market linkages, and infrastructure support to facilitate the transition to self-employment.
The launch of the PM Vishwakarma training initiative at ITI B’la represents a significant milestone in the journey towards realizing the vision of a skilled and self-reliant workforce in Baramulla district. By empowering artisans and craftspeople with the tools and resources they need to succeed, the administration aims to catalyze sustainable development and prosperity across the region.

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