DDC Chairman Doda flags off Farmers’ Training Tour

DODA FEBRUARY 10: District Development Council Chairman, Dhananter Singh Kotwal, on Saturday flagged off a farmers’ training tour to Ramban under the ATMA scheme.
Organized by the district horticulture department, this initiative aims to impart lastest agricultural techniques and promote skill development among local farmers.
The farmers’ training tour, facilitated by the horticulture department, offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to participants. Through hands-on learning experiences, farmers receive training on modern agricultural techniques, crop management, and the latest horticultural practices. Such initiatives play a crucial role in empowering farmers with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve crop yields and enhance agricultural productivity.
The flag-off ceremony witnessed the presence of various key officials from the district administration and horticulture department. Their participation underscores the collaborative efforts between government agencies to support and uplift the agricultural sector. By providing farmers with access to training opportunities and resources, such initiatives contribute to the overall socio-economic development of the region.
By investing in farmers’ training and skill development, the district horticulture department aims to foster sustainable agricultural practices and boost rural livelihoods. Through continuous education and capacity-building programs, local farmers are empowered to adopt innovative techniques and adapt to changing agricultural trends. Ultimately, such initiatives contribute to the holistic development of the agricultural sector and the prosperity of farming communities in the region.

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