DC Samba takes on-the-spot action to address public concerns in market areas, township and conducts on-site inspection of ongoing works

SAMBA, MAY 16: Deputy Commissioner Samba, Abhishek Sharma today conducted an extensive tour of the Samba market, old Samba city, and adjoining areas to assess the prevalent issues and ensure prompt solutions. The visit aimed to address concerns related to encroachments, cleanliness, street lights, power supply, water availability, and infrastructure development.
During the inspection, Deputy Commissioner Abhishek Sharma observed encroachments by shopkeepers in the main market, causing inconvenience to pedestrians and affecting the overall aesthetics of the area. Taking swift action, the DC imposed penalties on shopkeepers found littering in front of their shops, emphasizing the importance of maintaining cleanliness.
Another significant issue identified was the inadequate street lighting in certain areas. To enhance security measures, the DC directed the installation of CCTV cameras in shops for surveillance purposes, ensuring a safer environment for residents and businesses alike.
Furthermore, the tour brought attention to the need for addressing hanging power supply lines and loose cables, posing potential hazards to the community. Immediate inspections were conducted, and necessary measures will be taken to rectify the issues, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and minimizing risks.
Acknowledging the importance of adequate water supply, the Deputy Commissioner inspected the filtration plant in Samba town, the OHT at Bantalab Chowk, and the water supply scheme at Salmeh. The Jal Shakti department was directed to alert their field staff to ensure consistent water supply to the residents.
In addition to these infrastructural concerns, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the significance of community development. The Public Works Department (PWD) was instructed to resume work immediately on the community hall at Bantalab Chowk and initiate beautification projects in the area, uplifting the overall ambiance and creating a more welcoming atmosphere.
Taking a strong stance against derelict officials, the Deputy Commissioner ordered explanations from the Tehsil Supply Official and Junior Engineer to hold them accountable for their negligence. Stringent action will be taken to rectify the shortcomings and improve service delivery.
Moreover, Deputy Commissioner Sharma expressed his commitment to maintaining a clean city by advocating for zero littering and implementing door-to-door waste collection systems. He also emphasized the importance of uninterrupted power and water supply, ensuring 100% service availability to the residents.
During the visit, the Deputy Commissioner interacted with the locals, who shared various issues and demands. The residents appreciated the initiative taken by the DC to personally visit the ground and address their concerns, acknowledging the positive impact it will have on the development and well-being of the district.
With proactive approach and prompt actions, the locals of Samba District poised for positive change, ensuring a better quality of life for its residents and fostering sustainable growth in the region.

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