DC Pulwama visits Hospital Prichoo; directs for optimum utilisation of efficient healthcare infra created

PULWAMA, OCTOBER 21: In a significant development aimed at enhancing healthcare facilities in Pulwama, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Pulwama, Dr Basharat Qayoom visited the newly integrated Hospital in Prichoo, which has now become an integral part of the District Hospital Pulwama, marking a pivotal step towards improving healthcare infrastructure in the district.
Several departments have already been successfully transitioned to the District Hospital Pulwama.
During his visit, the DC emphasized the swift utilization plan and immediately putting into use the remaining created infrastructure to further enhance medical services.
He stressed upon the Health officials to ensure the operationalization of utilization plan within the next week. This strategic move aims to maximize the utilization of the facility, ultimately alleviating congestion at the District Hospital Pulwama.
In addition to the departmental transitions, the DC also stressed the importance of security and surveillance within the newly integrated hospital. Consequently, the DC directed for installation of comprehensive CCTV surveillance throughout the premises, bolstering security measures and promoting a safe environment for both patients and staff.
This strategic integration and the subsequent relocation of various medical departments highlight the dedication of Pulwama’s District Administration to enhance medical facilities, making healthcare more accessible and efficient for the residents of the district.
In addition, the space has also been earmarked for the District Disability Rehabilitation centre, which is aimed at providing comprehensive services to specially-abled individuals.
During the visit, the DC was joined by other officials, including the Chief Medical Officer Pulwama, Medical Superintendent Pulwama, Chief Planning Officer Pulwama and Tehsildar Pulwama.

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