DC Pulwama chairs monthly NCORD meeting

PULWAMA, DECEMBER 05: In an unwavering commitment to confront the threat of drug menace, the District Administration Pulwama orchestrated a pivotal meeting of the District Level Committee of Narcotics Coordination (NCORD) under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Pulwama, Dr. Basharat Qayoom, here.
The meeting underscored the Administration’s proactivity and determination to address the pressing societal challenge posed by the drug menace.
Dr Basharat initiated the meeting with a meticulous review of earlier directives, engaging all stakeholders.
The Police Department reported substantial progress in enforcement since the last meeting marked by the lodging of 8 FIRs/Arrests and attachments of properties of individuals involved in illicit drug activities. The Agriculture department highlighted the eradication of poppy cultivation across 90 kanals of land and successfully shifting habitual illicit drug growers to High yielding Horticultural and Agricultural crops.
The Assistant Drug Controller informed the chair about the suspension of licenses of two medical shops that failed to adhere to prescribed norms. As part of an integrated strategy to combat the drug menace, the Drug Rehabilitation Centre received directives to conduct thorough rehabilitation and awareness programs, ensuring a society-wide sensitization and rehabilitation effort.
Various departments, including Agriculture, Horticulture, Excise and Taxation, and Revenue, received explicit instructions to closely monitor areas susceptible to poppy cultivation, implementing pre-emptive measures for the upcoming sowing season.
To enhance surveillance capabilities, the DC directed educational institutions to install CCTV cameras strategically, addressing potential blind spots and deterring illicit activities within and around these institutions.
Recognizing the impactful role of cultural activities in disseminating information, Dr Basharat advocated for leveraging diverse cultural platforms to educate society about the perils of drug abuse. This strategic approach aims to foster a more informed and vigilant community.
Health institutions were assigned a pivotal role in the fight against the drug menace, with directives to implement robust treatment and rehabilitation measures. The DC, in line with prior directives, emphasized the imperative for swift and strict actions against drug peddlers and traffickers, aiming to disrupt the supply chains fuelling the menace. Directions were issued to identify Hot-Spot locations and act specifically on spot intensive action reports.
The Assistant Drug Controller received a directive to ensure that all medical shops promptly install CCTV cameras. Monitoring and regulating these establishments are recognized as crucial components of the overall strategy.
The DC reiterated the significance of collective coordination among all stakeholders to comprehensively address this issue.

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