DC Poonch inaugurates road construction from Eidgah Hari Marhote to Higher Secondary School Hari

POONCH, FEBRUARY 17: Deputy Commissioner Yasin M. Choudhary kickstarted the construction of a road extending from Eidgah Hari Marhote to Higher Secondary School Hari.
The initiative, undertaken through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is a collaboration between TBA Infrastructure and Ram Parkash Joint Venture.
Present at the ceremony were Tehsildar Surankote, Akbar Hussain, CMD CP Gupta, Ram Parkash Sharma, Xen PMGSY, AEE PMGSY, officials from the executing agency, Ex BDC Nazir Hussain, former sarpanches and a sizable local audience.
The inauguration of this road construction project stands as a significant accomplishment, addressing the longstanding demand of the residents of Hari and neighbouring areas. The newly constructed road is poised to establish crucial connectivity to Higher Secondary School Hari, enhancing educational accessibility for students and ensuring safe transportation for residents.
Deeply appreciative, locals extended their gratitude to the Deputy Commissioner for his steadfast commitment to fulfilling their prolonged need for road connectivity to Higher Secondary School Hari and its environs.
Seizing the occasion, Deputy Commissioner engaged with the public, underscoring the importance of collaboration between the District Administration and the public for the successful execution and completion of construction projects. Emphasising the broader developmental impact of such initiatives, he urged the public to actively participate and support the District Administration’s efforts.

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