DC Doda engages with Aapda Mitra Volunteers to enhance Emergency Preparedness

DODA JULY 05: Deputy Commissioner Doda Harvinder Singh held a productive meeting with the volunteers of the Aapda Mitra in his office chamber, here today. The primary objective of the meeting was to provide a comprehensive overview of all parameters essential for handling emergency situations. During the session, the feedback from the volunteers was actively sought to improve future response strategies.
The meeting included an in-depth review of important guidelines and directions aimed at combating different emergency scenarios. The initiative is part of the ongoing efforts to ensure that all stakeholders are well-prepared and equipped to handle disasters efficiently. The discussions focused on optimizing the effectiveness of the emergency response through meticulous planning and coordination.
Additionally, volunteers from the AAPDA MITRA Scheme were provided Emergency Responder Kits, Certificates/I Cards/T Shirts. The distribution of these resources was conducted by Deputy Commissioner Doda Harvinder Singh, emphasizing the commitment to bolstering the capabilities of the volunteers. This move is expected to significantly enhance the readiness and resilience of the local disaster response team.
The program was attended by the ADC Doda, Sudarshan Kumar, CPO Doda, Manesh Kumar and others.

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