DC Doda conducts inspection of Food Store Facilities and Doda-Ghat Road

DODA, JUNE 06: The Deputy Commissioner Doda, Harvinder Singh conducted inspection of food store facilities at a warehouse in Doda, alongside a thorough assessment of the Doda-Ghat road. The DC Doda was accompanied with the Tehsildar Doda Dr Subuh Ahmad Shad.
During the inspection of the food store at warehouse, the DC meticulously reviewed the storage conditions and adherence to safety protocols to ensure the quality and safety of food items stored. His visit aimed to guarantee that all necessary measures are in place to maintain the integrity and freshness of essential food supplies for the community.
DC Doda also inspected the Doda-Ghat road, emphasizing the importance of well-maintained infrastructure for seamless transportation and connectivity.
DC Doda reiterated his commitment to upholding high standards of food safety and ensuring the accessibility of safe and reliable transportation infrastructure for the residents of Doda

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