Dairy Farm in Tral gets 95% finance from J&K Bank under PMEGP scheme

We have financed this Dairy Farm to Nusrat Shaheen, said officials of J&K Bank Bus Stand Tral in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. The scheme is assisted by the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) and the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises. The total project cost was Rs 15 lakh. Ninety-five percent was financed by the J&K Bank. Remaining five percent was contributed by Nusrat Shaheen. Their backend subsidy is 35 percent. The bank had given them Rs 5 lakh to establish the shed for the dairy farm and Rs ten lakh was given for the purchase of cows. Tral villagers think this work is beneficial plus cow milk is good for children. This is a very good scheme by the government. The government schemes are not known to people. In this work, the household expenses are met and we are in a position to give employment to four more people. The dairy farm owners said they wanted to expand business. We will get the machines to make curd, paneer, butter and ghee. We will take the help from the government to buy those machines. Currently, ten people are working in the Nusrat Shaheen Dairy Farm. They are thinking of expanding so there is more scope for employment. We want to tell the youth that do not run after jobs, be job creators. Set your own units, the J&K Bank is ever ready to help, said officials. The government is supporting it through various schemes. We frequently conduct awareness camps. People can be aware through Back to Village programmes and My Town My Pride programmes where we set camps for raising awareness for the youth for employment generation. So rather than becoming job seekers they can become job givers.

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