Commissioner, SMC reviews progress of National Clean Air Program

SRINAGAR, FEBRUARY 05: The Commissioner SMC, Dr. Owais Ahmed Monday conducted an extensive review of the progress made in the National Clean Air Program (NCAP).
The meeting aimed to assess the progress made in the program undertaken to improve air quality and reduce pollution in the city.
During the review, the Commissioner, SMC emphasized the significance of the NCAP and reaffirmed the corporation’s commitment to achieve its objectives. The meeting provided a platform to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures implemented so far and to identify areas that require further attention and intervention.
Dr.Owais highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts involving various stakeholders, including government agencies, environmental organizations, and the community, to address the challenges posed by air pollution. He emphasized the need for adoption of innovative solutions to ensure a significant impact on air quality in Srinagar.
The Commissioner expressed his appreciation for the dedication and hard work of all those involved in the implementation of the Program. He urged for continued cooperation and coordination among relevant departments and agencies to accelerate progress and achieve the desired outcomes.
The review meeting concluded with a commitment to intensify efforts and implement additional measures to mitigate air pollution and enhance the overall air quality in Srinagar. The Corporation reiterated its determination to contribute effectively to the NCAP and to create a healthier and sustainable environment for the future generations of Srinagar.
The meeting was attended by the Officers of SMC and representatives of concerned departments.

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