Chhota Amarnath Pilgrimage Site Gains Momentum in Bandipora, J&K; Local Support & Revival Efforts On

Chhota Amarnath or Maha Daneshwar Temple in Bandipora, Jammu & Kashmir was inaugurated in December 2022. The locals are eager to welcome tourists to this pilgrimage site. The people are grateful to the Muslims for their wholehearted support throughout the Chhota Amarnath trek route. We are praying for the success of this journey. This yatra was celebrated 100-200 years ago. Officials said the Chhota Amarnath yatra has been revived after a long time. Meetings were held regarding this with the officers of the concerned departments and representatives. Those from the community who have traditionally been traveling in the yatra. Preliminary survey has been done. Some parts were developed and certain areas were improved. All the teams had gone to do a survey. In terms of safety, which route should be adopted according to the road. The report has come to us. I am sure the revival will be done in the best possible way, said the official.

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