Celebration of Baisakhi in Tral sees Muslims wishing Sikh friends as part of an old Kashmiri tradition

It has been a custom in Kashmir to celebrate festivals of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. Our friends come over to our homes during Baisakhi to give us good wishes. On Eid we will go to our Muslim friends’ homes to give good wishes. On Mahashivratri we go to the homes of our Hindu friends to congratulate them. This is a very old tradition in Kashmir, said Sikh residents of Tral. We pray to WaheGuru that our brotherhood stands firm. And the Khalsa Sajna Diwas (Baisakhi) brings peace and progress in Kashmir. When the Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi festival, we the Muslim community are always with them. Just like on the occasion of Eid, the Sikh community comes along to be with us in our moment of celebration, said Muslim friends of Sikhs in Tral. This I think is the best example of brotherhood. And we hope this brotherhood tradition goes on for centuries.

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