Celebrating Kashmiri Culture | Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha Embraces Shikara Fest & Cultural Enrichment

Celebrating Kashmiri Culture | Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha Embraces Shikara Fest & Cultural Enrichment For me personally, culture means an infinite ocean of values, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. There are infinite possibilities for every section of society and every generation. No matter how long human journeys are, its antiquity, communication and cultural growth are the real thing. This festival, Shikara Fest is immersed in the waves of Kashmiriyat. I consider this festival, immersed in the waves of Kashmiriyat, to be a celebration of the same antiquity. And I am happy that the new generation is getting the opportunity to be continuously exposed to the values and ideals of Kashmir through this platform. Under the guidance of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, we are constantly trying to set new dimensions. In the governance an attempt has been made to establish financial transparency. We are beginning to get a taste of culture. Self-confidence is being born in the new generation too with the thoughts.. this sky is ours, these rivers are ours and these mountains are ours. Now I see that their wings of determination are beginning to open. And I have full confidence that in the coming times, we will play a full constructive role in further enriching the culture of Kashmiriyat. Stone pelting has now become a historical event in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan and its people can no longer give any threat to Kashmir. School, college, trade business runs as per one’s own will. There is no point in living by anyone’s dictates anymore. Such an environment has been created where the citizens of Kashmir can live as per their wish. Broadly speaking, it is an effort and the Government of India has played an important role in that effort. People should be kept as per their place, I think it is very important, LG said. AAround 55 government employees have been thrown out who used to support terrorists. This work will go on till we eliminate terrorism and its supporters. No government can afford to give government money to those who are promoting terrorism. With the help of wise people, we can do better work in Kashmir, the Lt Governor said.

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