Cash Recycler Machine installed by J&K Bank to facilitate residents in Banihal

A Cash Recycler Machine has been installed in J&K Bank in Banihal, Jammu & Kashmir. The CRM helps business people and local residents to put money in it as well as take out cash from it without entering the bank. Most of all, elders and seniors do not have to stand endlessly in line waiting for their turn to deposit money. The CRM can work for 16 hours. This is a welcome step by J&K Bank which the locals and business people should make use of, said J&K Bank officials. More progressive works like these should happen in this area, said residents of Banihal. Earlier, there used to be a lot of rush at the J&K Bank. The CRM machine lets you deposit money and withdraw anytime in 24 hours. When the bank closed people were not able to deposit money. The CRM machine is a big gift from the Jammu & Kashmir Bank to the people of Banihal, Jammu & Kashmir.

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