Boutique opened by a girl from Batagund village in Tral

The population is around 1.50 crore. I thought getting employment is next to impossible, says Saima from Batagund village in Tral block in district Pulwama of Jammu & Kashmir. It was then the idea of starting my own business came up. This way I can create employment opportunities for people, she thought. Normally, people invest and then start their business. But I was able to start with zero investment at home. When she felt her idea was executed well then she got a space to run her boutique. A total of eight girls are working here, says Entrepreneur Saima. Four girls are working from home. One section is for selling and the other section is for stitching. We cater to the ladies and assist the customers in their purchase. Entrepreneur Saima says, ‘’Try to develop your skill and learn other things as well. Apart from fulfilling household duties, if I am able to provide jobs for women then it is a big thing for me.’’

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