BJP VP Dilip Ghosh’s Heartfelt Visit to Amarnath Shrine: Praising Well-Organised Yatra Arrangements

I had the good fortune to come to Shri Amarnath yatra 2023, said the National Vice President, BJP, Dilip Ghosh. We reached here in spite of the bad weather. And millions of the common people come everyday during the Amarnath yatra with an unbreakable spirit in their minds. They take so much trouble to reach here. And after reaching it seems that we forget all our troubles, said Dilip Ghosh. May Baba’s blessings be on all, he said. It is my good fortune that my own wish has been fulfilled after a long time. There is a good arrangement for the yatra. People are coming in spite of so many hardships. There is a desire among people to come again, said the National Vice President. May he fulfil everyone’s wish! Jai Baba Bholenath!

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