Baramulla | Sowing of Rabi Crops Begins | LG Applauds J&K Farmer’s Resilience

Baramulla | Sowing of Rabi Crops Begins | LG Applauds J&K Farmer’s Resilience परों को खोल ज़माना उड़ान देखता है ज़मीं पे बैठ के क्या आसमान देखता है घटाएँ उठती हैं बरसात होने लगती है जब आँख भर के फ़लक को किसान देखता है यही वो शहर जो मेरे लबों से बोलता था यही वो शहर जो मेरी ज़बान देखता है Seventy-six years ago the soil of Baramulla had set an example of patriotism. And today, taking the example of social revolution, people are working hard in the fields to change the fate of Baramulla and Jammu and Kashmir, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha reciting a few lines of poetry. And that is why I think that the Agriculture Department has thoughtfully started the sowing of Rabi crops from this block of Baramulla district. Baramulla has been running at sprint pace in the development journey in the last three-four years, LG remarked. Our farmer brothers and sisters are at the forefront of this, waving the flag of success. The farmer families here are not only the strength and pride of this district but also of Jammu and Kashmir, LG stated. I heartily congratulate all the farmer brothers and sisters. Because of your hard work in the last ten years, you have created such a revolution in your farming that is why for that I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. In the last Rabi season, only 19-20% of the fields were not plowed and where sowing was not done. Crops were blooming in the remaining 80% of the fields. Mustard was cultivated in 1 lakh 40 thousand hectare fields in the entire valley. Yellow Revolution came to Kashmir valley in this way and its voice reached every corner of the country, LG said. The Kashmir division generated revenue of Rs 5000 crore from Rabi season crops alone. The hands which remained idle for months are now growing gold in the fields. More wealth is increasing the prosperity of the farmer brothers’ homes. The aspirations and dreams of the new generation are being fulfilled, LG said. In the creation of self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir, not only us but the entire country is proud of your contribution in this journey and the entire Jammu and Kashmir administration is proud of you, LG Manoj Sinha said to the farmers.

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