Banihal resident starts dairy farm instead of waiting for a government job

In today’s world, getting jobs is almost impossible and getting a government job is difficult, a dairy farm owner in Banihal, a town in Jammu and Kashmir said. It is better that people do their own work. Dairy farms have given us a lot of benefits. It has given us employment. We bought cows and are into the milk supplying business. We think it is a profitable business, said the Banihal dairy farm owner. These schemes are so helpful for keeping the youth engaged in gainful activities rather than getting caught in drugs and other bad activities. I am very happy with this scheme, said the dairy farm owner. I feed the cows grass and take care of their upkeep, said a worker at the dairy farm. The worker gets a salary which takes care of his family. We were unemployed before, now this employment has given us hope, said the worker at the Banihal dairy farm. The owners and workers were thankful to the administration for such a scheme.

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