Banihal farmers given training to produce white button mushrooms

In Banihal, near Ramban in Jammu and Kashmir, the Department of Agriculture and Defence in collaboration organised a programme on training of mushroom farming. A number of farmers participated in the training programme. The techniques of white button mushroom farming were taught to the farmers. Right from making their own compost to marketing of mushrooms, the farmers were apprised in detail. Mushroom cultivation is an investment where farmers can do small investments and reap double benefits in three months. A farmer can earn two and a half times the money he invests. The farmers spoke how they learnt the basics of mushroom growing. They will be learning in 5- days the whole process. Mushrooms come under cash crop so it has got a good market. There are few mushroom farmers so there is a lot of scope for the youth and a big market is there if they decide to do mushroom farming. If they export to Jammu or Srinagar then the farmers will benefit more. Banihal people are showing interest from nearby areas and doing mushroom farming. The government officers said that they want farmers and zamindars to come and show interest and they are available 24×7 to teach them.

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