‘Badalta Jammu Kashmir’ | Sustainable Tour in Electric Auto Spotlights Smart City & Cultural Changes

‘Badalta Jammu Kashmir’ | Sustainable Tour in Electric Auto Spotlights Smart City & Cultural Changes Kashmir Ahead team went on a tour of Jammu to show why it is being called ‘Badalta Jammu Kashmir’. The team travelled to Gole Market, Apsara in Gandhinagar to observe what changes have been brought about in the city since the Smart City development initiative took place in Jammu. The roads looked developed and footpaths had been created. Dustbins were placed at places and no garbage was noticed strewn around. The park in Bahu Fort opposite Balidan Stambh was recently developed during G 20 meet. Next, it went to Rewari. There was a time when there was nothing in Rewari except dust and dirt. Now the place has been so developed that people like to walk here and take selfies. The place looks more vibrant because of the greenery, team reported. Then team went to Mubarak Mandi which was the palace of Raja Hari Singh. Later the palace got converted into a court. Now again the palace is being restored as a museum, and for its modification, the Central Government is assisting. At the Jammu Bridge over the flowing River Tawi, a beautiful view of the city of Jammu was captured. You could see the Bahu Fort and beside it lay Bag-e-Bahu. Tourists enjoy visiting the garden there. At Chand Nagar lies the Gurudwara called the mini Golden Temple. It is a small replica of the Golden Temple and gets illuminated with lights in the evenings. Kashmir is called the city of Sufis and Jammu is called the city of temples. Raghunath Temple is very famous in Jammu. Adjoining it is the Raghunath market, again one of the famous markets in Jammu. Kashmir Ahead team travelled in an electric auto to visit these sites in Jammu. Team travelled all over Jammu wherever it could by spending less money. The benefits of travelling in an electric auto was no air pollution and no noise pollution.

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