Back to Village V Focuses on Self-Reliance, Transparent System & Youth Entrepreneurship | J&K Lt Gov

Back to Village V Focuses on Self-Reliance, Transparent System & Youth Entrepreneurship | J&K Lt Gov The way there has been change in the villages of Jammu and Kashmir, the way work has been done, I believe that a new type of ability has developed. I believe that a new type of capability has developed which is commendable, said the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha. Every village should become self-reliant and the rights of every citizen should reach them without any hindrance, LG stated. Jammu and Kashmir administration is working hard day and night to fulfill these resolutions related to the mainstream development of every rural family. So that in the coming time, the infrastructure of our villages can be improved. I know that our companions have to struggle a lot in this journey. But one thing I am sure of is that determination never fails, LG said encouraging officers. How to make the system free from corruption and how to make the system transparent and accountable. A sincere effort has been made to implement this kind of system. And due to this, the system of reconstruction of villages has started. Back to Village Five campaign has started from 7th November, 2023. The administration has identified 137 deliverables from 35 departments. It has two important programmes. First, to provide information about all the schemes of the Central and State Administration to the people. Secondly, 100% saturation of the schemes is the main focus of the administration. And every time self-employment is an important issue in the back to village programmes. Any youth in this panchayat who wants to work for himself, identifying him, providing him financial support and handholding him is an important part of this campaign. And efforts will be made to ensure that he gets work as per his interest, LG said. Last time the LG recalled, after Back To Village, twenty thousand youth of Jammu district were linked with entrepreneurship posts. The Jammu administration has set a target of creating eight thousand new youth entrepreneurs in the next four months. The youth in your Panchayats should come forward. This is not a target restriction. If more people come then they will be helped, LG said. This is the top priority of the entire administration and special care has to be taken that the children from every Panchayat who want to do something should come forward. Swachh Panchayat is the second target in which you have received the award. I congratulate all the Sarpanch and Panchayat members and citizens for receiving the Swachh Bharat award. But after the award, challenges increase. Now you have set a standard. Now these standards should remain, the DC saheb or officer will not come and do it. This is what the people here have to do. If there is cleanliness then there will be less disease. If there is less disease then we can live longer, LG said. I would urge all the public representatives and citizens that maintaining the system is a big challenge.

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