Ayushman Bharat Golden card is also called Modi card in J&K

The impact of the Ayushman Bharat Golden Card scheme resonates profoundly in regions like Jammu and Kashmir , where access to quality healthcare has historically been marred by geographical barriers and economic disparities. In places like Pulwama, where medical facilities serve multiple districts, the Golden Card emerges as a transformative force, bridging the gap between healthcare services and marginalised communities.The establishment of medical blocks in areas like Pulwama exemplifies the government’s commitment to extending healthcare access to remote regions. With 24 institutions under its purview, the Golden Card scheme ensures that individuals from far-flung areas, including Sophian, Kulgam, and the hinterlands of Pulwama, can avail themselves of essential medical treatments and surgeries.For many residents of J&K, the Golden Card embodies a dream fulfilled – a vision of comprehensive healthcare coverage that transcends financial barriers. Orthopedic surgeries, general surgeries, and even specialised procedures such as gynaecological surgeries are now within reach, thanks to the inclusive nature of the scheme. The rollout of the Golden Card scheme in J&K has not only transformed healthcare delivery but has also instilled a sense of optimism and empowerment among its beneficiaries. By offering insurance coverage of up to Rs. 5 lakh per family annually, the scheme provides a safety net for individuals grappling with health-related expenses, thereby alleviating the burden of medical debt and financial insecurity.Furthermore, initiatives like Jan Aushadhi complement the Golden Card scheme by ensuring access to affordable medication. The presence of Jan Aushadhi shops in the region signifies a paradigm shift in healthcare provisioning, where essential medicines are available at a fraction of their market price, making them accessible to even the most economically disadvantaged individuals. The Golden Card scheme, coupled with auxiliary initiatives like Jan Aushadhi, heralds a new era of healthcare accessibility and equity in Jammu and Kashmir. Through its holistic approach to healthcare provisioning, the scheme embodies the principles of inclusivity, compassion, and social welfare, thereby heralding a brighter and healthier future for the residents of J&K.

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