Ayush Kahwa, Joshanda boosting immunity of the Amarnath yatris at Nunwan medical camp

Around 30-35% of yatris who enter Nunwan base camp for the Amarnath yatra visit the Ayush medical camp here. One reason is that the drugs of Ayush are effective and the patients are getting relief, said a doctor at the Ayush medical camp. Mostly patients who develop respiratory problems and muscular pain and other disorders come here. The yatris coming from Katra mostly visit the camp to relieve their muscular pain in hands and legs. We even give them immune boosting like Chyawanprash, said the doctor. A female pilgrim said that she was having some problem so she came to see the doctor at the Ayush Medical Camp. The doctor prescribed and gave medicine which gave her a very good response and she was happy with the behaviour shown towards her and the treatment they suggested. The arrangement and management is very good. The travellers who want to come here and those who are staying have no problem in case medical need arises. We are very satisfied with all the management for the yatris. The arrangement that has been kept is for the better of the passengers, the pilgrim said. Yatris of every state are taking better and better advantage of the camp, the doctor said. Ayush Kahwa is also being provided to the yatris. One yatri said he had a cold and a cough so he tried Ayush Kahwa. The drink gave his body heat. And drinking Kahwa is a tradition in Kashmir which we also like, the yatri said. Ayush Joshanda is another Ayurvedic powder that boosts immunity. Due to high acclimatisation and cold, the yatris who come from the warmer regions suddenly get exposed to cold, and develop respiratory symptoms. To keep them safe, the government is providing the drink Ayush Joshanda whose ingredients help in boosting immunity. Thus their respiratory problems too disappear. This helps the yatris in undertaking the yatra in good condition, the doctor at Ayush Medical Camp in Nunwan, Pahalgam informed.

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