Awareness event held at District Hospital Samba to mark World Hypertension Day

SAMBA, MAY 17: The ‘World Hypertension Day’ was observed at District Hospital Samba bringing together senior medicos, health department officials and medical and para-medical students to discuss and promote preventive measures.
Organised under the directions of the Director Health Services Jammu and under the supervision of Chief Medical Officer, Dr Vidhi Bhatiyal featured detailed lectures and interactive sessions benefitting the students.
Medical Superintendent, Dr Mohinder Kumar Sharma briefed the signs and symptoms of Hypertension and revealed that it is being seen in every age group of the society. He cautioned that in most of the cases Alcohol consumption, smoking, Obesity etc are major causes of Hypertension.
He listed the BP Symptoms like severe headache, vision problems, fatigue, chest pain and irregular heartbeat.
For the prevention, he appealed to all to live a healthy life, exercise daily, avoid smoking, drink plenty of water, go for routine blood pressure check, reduce salt intake and avoid stress.
The others who spoke on the disease were Dr Bharat Bhushan consultant Surgeon, Dr Neeru Rajput Microbiologist DH Samba and Ranjana Physiotherapist.

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