ASPIRE, Srinagar unites with Vivek Oberoi’s i30 Learning Centre to give youth a platform to excel

In Jammu and Kashmir, the ASPIRE institute in Srinagar collaborated with i30 Learning Centre whose co-founder is actor Vivek Anand Oberoi. The motive was to provide high quality education in Kashmir so that students do not have to go out of the state to pursue education. I30 Learning Centre is a coaching centre with modern technological tools. Actor Vivek Anand Oberoi said he enjoyed the affinity and love shown by the Kashmiri people. They have a big heart and are very welcoming and ready to host you any time, remarked the actor. The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said, our effort is to keep the film shooting on in Kashmir. The youth will get a chance to showcase their talent. Prosperity will come. Do spend time in Kashmir. The people will welcome you, LG said. Actor Vivek Oberoi said there is a lot of scope for shooting in Kashmir and the Film Industry Policy of Kashmir is wonderful. Regular shooting is going on in Kashmir, the actor observed. He said the policy here is better than the film policy of any other state. The actor said he had come during the floods. The mindset of the youth has undergone a transformation since then. The youth today are filled with hope, an aspiration to do something worthwhile. All they need is a platform to fulfil their aspirations. They are going abroad and doing good work in America and the UK. They will want to stay back in Kashmir and carry on with their responsibilities, the actor said. A youth in Kashmir said when he was growing up, the atmosphere in Kashmir was such that the focus was to hold a spear or a stone instead of a pen. After 2018, he was counselled and made to understand that the path would harm him and not do any good. There is a passion in the youth of Kashmir to serve their country, said another youth. After the abrogation of Article 370, the youth observed that a lot of changes are happening, especially after Covid. In just two years’ time, a number of development processes are underway in Kashmir for the upliftment of the society. In the last 70 years, no significant progress happened in Kashmir under Article 370. Today, industrial investment funds are coming from abroad. Actor Vivek Oberoi said the local infrastructure and local talent has huge potential. The youth of Kashmir are good looking. They need to be trained to operate the infrastructure so that outside talent is not recruited in Kashmir. The Lieutenant Governor said that the Film Policy of Jammu and Kashmir is just one reflection of the things changing here. In the field of art, the aspirations and dreams of the youth are riding high. Today, Jammu and Kashmir is moving ahead fast. The long standing 46 year-old projects are now taking shape.

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