Asia’s largest Indian International Saffron Trade Spice Park at Dussu, Pampore

A saffron park has been installed at Pampore for Srinagar farmers. The Maharashtra Agriculture Minister visited Asia’s largest Indian International Saffron Trade Spice Park at Dussu, Pampore. Srinagar farmers said they participated and held a discussion about the burning issues they were facing. The farmers in Srinagar said that the biggest issue is marketing. Our GI Tag saffron at the Spice Park is lying with farmers in big stock, we requested the Maharashtra Agriculture Minister to give us a marketing platform in Maharashtra. This way the GI tag saffron of farmers at Spice Park will get a market. The minister assured Kashmir saffron farmers that he will raise the issue with the Maharashtra government so that the Kashmir GI tag saffron can be sold in the markets and retail outlets in Maharashtra. Farmers will be given shops, facilities for marketing of saffron, the minister assured. The farm produce of Maharashtra will be sold in Kashmir and Kashmir produce will get sold in Maharashtra at good price, the minister added. Original stuff is going, this message we have to give, he said. It is an international level lab so there is no chance of duplication. I am very happy to see the lab, said the minister. We will give the saffron farmers all facilities in Maharashtra to sell their goods, said the Maharashtra Agriculture Minister.

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