Asian School Branch Inaugurated in Jammu | J&K LG Calls Student Power as Catalyst for Development

Asian School Branch Inaugurated in Jammu | J&K LG Calls Student Power as Catalyst for Development At the inauguration of Asian School Dehradun’s Jammu Campus at Miran Sahib in Jammu, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha said that he will pray to Mata Vaishno Devi so that the school should be helpful in the progress of education in the coming days and set a record. This is the first campus of Asian School outside Uttarakhand. Let us begin the journey of knowledge with noble bravery. This kind of spiritual spirit is present in the tradition of this country and it should not require much effort to bring innovation in quality education. With courage, a big change has come in the thinking of the society, LG said. The Prime Minister of India has taken a pledge to ensure that India regains its ancient glory. I think the common man of India has also taken this resolution. Education is an individual journey in one’s life, LG said. It is a journey of inner self. What should a school teacher do? If the child can recognise the inner calling, then there will be no difficulty or problem. Eight year old Mahatma Gandhi after watching the play of Raja Harishchandra vowed not to deviate from the truth in life. The nation’s education policy and technology can energise the states. By keeping learning at the centre, a human capital can be created that can contribute significantly to the nation. India’s mind has changed, India does not lose from challenges. Even though we failed for the first time in Chandrayaan, we resolved that success will come only from failure. And in the future we also achieved the goal. The failure of Chandrayaan 2 became the foundation for the success of Chandrayaan 3. We should keep this in mind. Today, powerful countries of the world have expectations from India on politically sensitive issues. This is a big change which is a message of new self-confidence in the life of society and nation. Education should be successful and affordable. This is absolutely necessary. The government is trying and if the private sector comes forward then we can gain good accomplishment. I would like to emphasise that there should be some reservation for poor children even in private schools. The country will have to come out of this stigma that it is inaccessible to the poor. The Asian School can start it, I will be happy if you include it. In view of the global changes, the entire emphasis of education has become more and more on skilling. There is a need to emphasise on critical thinking. We need to emphasise moral values. Schools should not become mere certificate centres rather become a centre of innovation. If we pay attention to this, I think we can achieve something. The most important resource for any society or nation is the talent and character of the youth. The importance of any society is measured by how much capacity that society has to create a new one. And how versatile is its youthful energy. Respected Mahatma Gandhi used to say that education which does not build character is completely useless. Therefore, in order to build a developed India, today’s Amrit generation should create such an education system which builds holistic personalities of the students. Our students should also be such that they are a mix of science and communication. If you know machine learning, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, you should also be proficient in the culture and tradition of India. Since ancient times, teachers have emphasised on balanced personality and balanced education. The National Education Policy is also making the same recommendation today. And also giving freedom to students. Our Prime Minister is addressing students across the country in the Pariksha Pe Charcha programme. I would like to remind all the students that they are inheritors of our heritage and there is a saying in Sanskrit that a weak personality can never reach its goal. That’s why I consider energetic students as the biggest asset of the country. And the power of the student which is the only agent of change is the only catalyst of development. The moment a student starts performing his social duties fully amidst struggles and challenges, he will gather the courage to go against the flow. When one develops the ability to fight with the bigger ones, one’s personality gets enhanced and even difficult and long journeys seem easy. Therefore, I believe that quality education is the only medium which can make the development journey of the nation constructive. And then one can create a society capable of meeting the challenges of modern times, said the Lt Governor at the inauguration of the Asian School branch in J&K.

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