Animal lover in Kupwara talks to sheep, dogs, chicken and they respond

On Sundays I am free and this is my hobby, sheep rearing, said an animal lover Abdul Hamid Mir, a resident of Kupwara in Jammu & Kashmir. The sheep respond to his ‘come on’, ‘very good’ sounds. Onlookers think it is magical but Abdul Hamid Mir says it is his love for animals that makes them heed. You share love you get love says Abdul. I call the chickens, they all follow. Apart from this, I have kept a German Shepherd. I am in love with animals. We have to enjoy the world. If you want to enjoy it, come and stay with me, he says. When I am with them I can forgo food to be with them. This is my experience. You can go to Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere else, being with animals alone gives a sense of meditation, calmness. You do not need any drugs for that feeling. I get so much happiness that I don’t remember to eat while I am with them. Be it a bear or a snake, I love them all. This is my hobby. ‘Mohabbat zindabad’ says animal lover Abdul Hamid Mir. Those who know Abdul Hamid Mir say, he has been fond of animals since childhood. We see knew things in his house. He brings foreign breeds of chicken, birds. he is totally a nature lover personality. He has developed such a bond with sheep that they have started listening and responding to him. When he says go away, they go away. When he says come to me I will reward you, then they come running to him. Hate will end by spreading love. This is the message of Abdul Hamid Mir. And we should all join in this campaign to end hatred and make Kashmir a paradise.

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