Anantnag boy qualifies as 4th rank holder in J&K NEET UG-2023, scoring 686/720

Dayan NEET UG-2023 qualifier from Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir scored 686 out of 720, getting a fourth rank in Jammu and Kashmir. I was very happy when the results came, said Muhammad. My happiness knew no bounds. My family members were also very happy. Before the results there was a feeling of nervousness. My parents were feeling very proud. Every parent tries to make sure that their children do well. It’s a matter of luck but all children are good. A good contribution comes from the parents, said Muhammad’s mother. Muhmmad’s father said that his son is very decent. He never had to tell him to go work hard. He is a hard worker. Muhammad has interest in extra curricular activities also. But he gives full dedication to studies and whatever activity he does like photoshop. Whenever he used to get depressed I used to be there. In his childhood, his mother taught him a lot. He is a product of his mother, said Muhammad’s father. Muhammad shared how his parents have been there supporting him from childhood. He used to reach out to his father when he was feeling low. Muhammad has uplifted the name of his family, said Muhammad’s relatives. There are schemes in the J&K government which help bright children with scholarships.

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