Amit Shah Jammu Kashmir Visit – Poonch Pahadi locals celebrate the proposal of ST reservation rights

Amit Shah Jammu Kashmir Visit

In Poonch, district of Jammu & Kashmir, the locals have welcomed the ST status decision. Amit Shah in his speech said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi removed Article 370 and opened the path of reservation. Mohd Jameel Khan, a man belonging to the Pahadi Community said that Amit Shah, the Home Minister, Government of India has made clear that rights given to Pahadi community will remain and will not be taken away to give rights to the ST community. Nishad Ahmed, another member of the Pahadi community is thankful to the government.

Amit Shah in his speech announced the proposal of ST reservation for the Pahadi, Gujjar and Bakarwal communities. Shahzad Khan, belonging to the Pahadi community said they are happy that the rights of each of the communities will be safeguarded. Khalid Khan, a Pahadi from Poonch thinks it is a historic day and congratulated all the Pahadis from Poonch and wished Amit shah success in his mission.

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