Amarnath Yatra Shows Army’s Compassion: From Security Guardians to Helpers, Serving Elderly Pilgrims

All the facilities are good here. There is provision for water, medical aid. Cleanliness is being maintained. Shrine Board is doing a good job. The locals are doing a good job. They are supporting the pilgrims in every manner. Two female youth pilgrims were excited and happy, for one it was her second yatra, she had come in 2007. She was enthusiastic about the yatra and felt that the roads have improved a lot for trekking. The army people are posted everywhere and helping the pilgrims in every way. Overall, pilgrims were sensing improvement in the yatra each advancing year. There is such a good arrangement of langar that these things are available to eat in big weddings, said a male pilgrim. Roads have become better and army is providing excellent service, helping all. The army is not just a passive figure but actively coming forward, holding the arm of elders to make their journey smooth. I will consider myself blessed to have Baba’s darshan, said one pilgrim.

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