Amarnath Yatra More Blissful Than Kedarnath Teerth as Food, Stay Facilities On the Spot for Pilgrims

The Amarnath Yatra has been a truly fulfilling journey for me, having previously travelled to Manimahesh and Kedarnath two times each, said a young yatri. While Kedarnath had some challenges with food and stay for teerth yatris, Amarnath offers an exceptional experience with no problems at all. Bhandaras of Bhole Baba are found in every area, providing ample provisions and leaving us amazed by the abundance. The administration has made very good arrangements. The breathtaking views, well-arranged food and drink facilities have revitalised us after a tiring day, said a female pilgrim. The presence of army men has been immensely helpful, and hot water facilities have been readily available without any hassle. As we journey to see Baba, we appreciate the cooperation of horsemen for Baba’s darshan, as they play a significant role in making our pilgrimage possible. The yatris are only required to pay for Prasad and horse rental just like a bus fare, making the experience even more convenient. Here in Baba’s city, everyone is welcomed with ease and warmth by the people, and the atmosphere exudes love and fairness. Amarnath Yatra has truly been an enriching and memorable pilgrimage, said the yatri.

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