Amarnath Yatra 2023: Pilgrims Overwhelmed by Facilities and Spirituality

I am feeling very happy to be here in Amarnath among the mountains and river. We travelled from Pahalgam and we got all the facilities provided by the administration, said a female pilgrim. There were complete arrangements from water to toilets. There was good arrangement for sleeping with blankets in the tent. A male pilgrim travelling with wife said that he felt very nice. He faced absolutely no problem during the Amarnath yatra. One can go anytime, stop anywhere, do anything anytime. There is no trouble anywhere. Food, drink, stay, sleep, every type of arrangement is very well done, said another pilgrim. This is my third yatra, said another male pilgrim. He said he came to visit Amarnath shrine in 2010, 2019 and is now participating in the current 2023 pilgrimage. Drawing on his experience, he said that the facilities have been enhanced by the administration, the Shrine Board, military and the locals. The journey is getting better and better day by day. The Shri Amarnathji Yatra is not possible without Kashmiris, said another pilgrim. The Kashmiris provide us with hot water and tents according to the charges set up by the Shrine Board. They are not taking extra. The Pithoo and horse men too first get their receipts before the start of the ride. The most important aspect of the yatra is that security is tight at every point. Seeing the military, we feel satisfied that people are there for us. It’s very important and a very good thing. Common people highly respect it. A sadhu in Amarnath said that it is wonderful to be here at the holy cave of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati where Mahesh recited the story of immortality. We should take the blessings of our supreme father, mother and ancestors.

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