Amarnath Yatra 2023: Female Devotee Expresses Gratitude for Enhanced Facilities and Safety Measures

This is the second time that Baba Barfani has called me for Amarnath yatra. This is my good fortune, said a young female pilgrim. Today, I got darshan with very good facilities. Yatra is going well and the climate is good too, said a male devotee. Many yatris have come here who are devotees of Baba Bhole. Yatris are looking happy. The arrangement of Bhandara on the way is also very nice. We wholeheartedly thank those who are standing here for our protection, said the male pilgrim. And they will provide protection to all the devotees who will be coming for the 2023 Shri Amarnathji darshan till August 31, 2023. I ask you all to go to see Baba Barfani. There are many facilities here which were not there before, said the female pilgrim. Travellers who have the will and courage can come to visit Baba Barfani. Along with men, women are also contributing equally in the Amarnath Yatra, the female pilgrim added.

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