Alok Kumar Inaugurates Capacity Building Workshop for PM Shri Scheme

In a significant stride towards enhancing educational standards, Alok Kumar, the Principal Secretary of the School Education Department, inaugurated a three-day capacity building workshop for resource persons and stakeholders in Srinagar. This workshop is a crucial component of the PM Shri Scheme (PM Schools for Rising India), which aims to elevate the quality of education across the region. In his inaugural address, Alok Kumar underscored the pivotal role of PM Shri schools in becoming exemplars of excellence and beacons of hope within the education system of Jammu and Kashmir. He articulated that the scheme’s fundamental objective is to enhance the quality of education by fostering an environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and holistic development among students. Kumar expressed optimism that the training workshop would thoroughly address all essential aspects of educational development, drawing valuable insights from experienced resource persons who will be imparting their knowledge to master trainers. He emphasized the collective opportunity this initiative presents to cultivate a conducive academic environment not only in J&K but also throughout the nation. Prior to the inauguration, Rakesh Magotra, the Project Director of Samagra Shiksha J&K, shed light on the significant interventions of the PM Shri Scheme, highlighting the inclusion of 389 schools under this ambitious program. Magotra’s insights emphasized the transformative potential of the scheme in addressing educational challenges and enhancing learning outcomes. The event saw the participation of several key figures in the education sector, including Director of School Education Kashmir, Tasaduq Hussain Mir, Director of School Education Jammu, Ashok Kumar Sharma, and Director of SCERT J&K, Professor Prakshit Singh Manhas. Teachers and master trainers from Ladakh and Delhi also attended, reflecting the widespread commitment to educational excellence. Several documentaries related to the PM Shri Scheme and the broader education sector were showcased during the event, providing a comprehensive overview of the initiative’s goals and achievements. Additionally, the launch of “Code Mitra” marked a significant milestone in the event, highlighting the integration of technology and coding into the curriculum to prepare students for future challenges. The workshop represents a concerted effort to empower educators and stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive educational transformation. By fostering an environment that promotes innovative teaching practices and holistic student development, the PM Shri Scheme aims to create a robust foundation for future generations, ensuring that every child has access to quality education and the opportunity to thrive. In conclusion, the capacity building workshop inaugurated by Alok Kumar is a testament to the commitment of the School Education Department towards realizing the vision of the PM Shri Scheme. Through collaborative efforts and dedicated initiatives, the scheme seeks to elevate the educational landscape, making significant strides towards a brighter and more inclusive future for the students of Jammu and Kashmir and beyond.

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