ADDC Kishtwar inspects progress and labor amenities at Kiru Hydro Electric Power Project

KISHTWAR, DECEMBER 23: Additional District Development Commissioner (ADDC) Kishtwar Sham Lal today conducted a comprehensive visit to the Kiru Hydro Electric Power Project, accompanied by the project authorities.
The primary focus of the visit was to assess the ongoing progress, review labor amenities on-site, and ensure adherence to project timelines for timely completion.
During the inspection, the ADDC personally evaluated the pace of the ongoing project, emphasizing the paramount importance of adhering to the established timeline for the seamless execution of the project within the stipulated timeframe.
In addition to overseeing project progress, Sham Lal visited the Labor colony to evaluate the amenities provided to the workers. He closely interacted with the laborers to gauge the adequacy of safety equipment, cleanliness of mess facilities, and overall boarding conditions. Addressing their concerns directly, he assured prompt resolution of issues brought to his attention.
Highlighting the significance of labor welfare and safety, ADDC Kishtwar urged the project authorities to diligently implement labor facilities and ensure stringent adherence to safety measures at all work sites.
Recognizing the vital role of infrastructure, the condition of the approach road to the project site was given serious consideration by Mr. Sham Lal-JKAS. He directed the concerned agencies to prioritize repairs and reinforce protective measures for the road’s longevity and safety.
The ADDC reiterated his commitment to overseeing the project’s successful execution and ensuring the well-being of all involved parties, emphasizing the pivotal role of timely completion and comprehensive labor amenities.

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