AB-PMJAY revolutionises Healthcare in Ramban district

RAMBAN, MARCH 14: Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna (AB-PMJAY), has emerged as a beacon of hope for the residents of Ramban district, offering a lifeline of quality healthcare services and cashless & free medical treatment.
In a region where access to healthcare can often be a challenge, AB-PMJAY has become a cornerstone of the healthcare landscape, providing much-needed relief to individuals and families facing medical emergencies and financial constraints.
With its emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility, AB-PMJAY has transformed the healthcare experience in Ramban, ensuring that no one is left behind when it comes to receiving essential medical care.
Under the astute guidance of Deputy Commissioner Baseer-Ul-Haq Chaudhary, the Health Department in Ramban has been effectively implementing the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna (AB-PMJAY), as over 6205 indoor patients have received cashless free medical treatment, with an expenditure exceeding Rs. 3.22 crores across four empanelled hospitals in the district.
At the District Hospital Ramban, a commendable effort has been made where 3933 patients with different medical complications have been provided free treatment under AB-PMJAY, amounting to an expenditure of Rs. 218.52 lakh. This initiative underscores the commitment of the Government to provide quality healthcare services to the residents of district Ramban and UT of Jammu and Kashmir as well, irrespective of their financial constraints.
Moreover, significant strides have been made in other healthcare facilities within the district. At Community Health Centre (CHC) Banihal, 1078 patients have received free treatment under AB-PMJAY, with an expenditure of Rs. 58 lakh. Similarly, CHC Batote has catered to 870 patients with an expenditure of Rs. 41 lakh, while CHC Gool has provided free treatment to 324 patients with an expenditure of Rs. 4.5 lakh. These statistics highlight the widespread reach of the AB-PMJAY programme in the district, ensuring that healthcare services are accessible to all sections of society.
According to the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kamal Jee Zadoo, the district has achieved significant milestones in terms of enrollment and coverage under AB-PMJAY. All families, comprising a target of 65171, have been successfully registered under the scheme. Additionally, 89.31% of the eligible beneficiaries, totaling 237150 out of 265523, have already been provided Golden Cards of AB-PMJAY in the district.
The successful implementation of AB-PMJAY in Ramban district is a testament to the concerted efforts of the Health Department, led by Deputy Commissioner and the dedication of healthcare professionals. By providing cashless free medical treatment to thousands of indoor patients, the AB-PMJAY programme has significantly alleviated the financial burden on vulnerable families while ensuring access to quality healthcare services. Moving forward, it is imperative to sustain and strengthen these initiatives to further enhance healthcare delivery and promote the well-being of the residents of Ramban district.
The story of Dharam Singh, a laborer from Village Karol, epitomizes the transformative impact of AB-PMJAY. Despite facing a health crisis, Dharam’s enrollment in the scheme proved to be a lifeline, enabling him to undergo successful heart surgery and gallbladder removal at Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, all covered under AB-PMJAY. His journey serves as a powerful testament to how AB-PMJAY is transforming lives and providing much-needed healthcare access to individuals in need.
As we move forward, sustaining and strengthening initiatives like AB-PMJAY will be crucial in further enhancing healthcare delivery and promoting the well-being of the residents of Ramban district. Dharam Singh extends his heartfelt thanks to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji, and Lieutenant Governor, J&K, Sh Manoj Sinha for implementing this life-changing scheme, which has undoubtedly brought hope and healing to countless individuals in Ramban and beyond.
Patients referred from different hospitals in the district to Super-Specialty hospitals in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as other regions across the country, have been able to access the benefits offered by AB-PMJAY.

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