A Tale of Pakistan backed terrorist activities in J&K

Operating from Pakistan, Mohammad Qasim has been identified as a designated terrorist. His network spans the clandestine distribution of arms, ammunition, and funds, particularly targeting regions like Rajouri and Poonch.The insidious nature of Qasim’s operations extends to the strategic exploitation of modern communication technologies, including messaging applications and VPNs, to perpetrate misinformation and manipulate vulnerable individuals. Tragically, incidents like the Pilgrim bus blast in Katra bear the hallmark of Qasim’s orchestrations, with the devastating consequences of his actions reverberating throughout communities. To expose and dismantle Qasim’s gang becomes paramount, safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process, especially in sensitive areas like Rajouri and Poonch.The offer of a substantial reward serves as a tangible incentive for cooperation in the pursuit of justice, encouraging individuals to come forward with information crucial to neutralising Qasim’s operations. This concerted effort underscores the commitment to upholding law and order, ensuring the safety and security of citizens impacted by terrorism. The narrative underscores the multifaceted challenges posed by terrorism, emphasising the importance of collaborative efforts in confronting and mitigating such threats. Through decisive action and collective vigilance, Jammu And Kashmir police aim to disrupt Qasim’s network and uphold the sanctity of democratic processes, thereby safeguarding the rights and freedoms of citizens.

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