A Pilgrim’s Spiritual Odyssey to Shri Amarnath Ji and the Eternal Story of Immortality

This pilgrim sadhu travelled 12 Jyotirlingas in 8 days. A feeling came in his mind that this journey will not be complete until he completed the journey of Amarnath ji. Amarnathji is actually sitting here and preaching to the world to come and visit Him to bless your life, the sadhu said. Lord Shiva is the God of origin, position and rhythm. Bhagwan Bholenath or Barfani Baba is living in caves. This Shivling is present here since eternity, this is not just belief, here it exists in reality, the sadhu said. And it is said in the Puranas that Lord Shiva narrated the immortal story to Mother Parvati here. And during the same Amar Katha recital period, you must have seen a pair of pigeon here, they also heard this story and they are alive till today, we also get their darshan. Seeing a pair of pigeons is equivalent to seeing Lord Shiva and Parvati, the sadhu explained. It has been said in the Puranas about Amarnath ji that Lord Shiva came here with his entire family. Sheshnag ji snake was left by Shivji in Sheshnag, Ganesh ji got left at the Ganesh top. One by one, he left all, Nandi ji at Nandi Top. And Lord Shiva came to Amarnath cave with Ma Parvati. Here he told the immortal story to Ma Parvati. That’s why his name became Amarnath Bhagwan from the story of Amar Katha. God forbids mother Parvati to sleep during Amar Katha. He asked her to keep making the sound of ‘hun’ in between. Mother Parvati fell asleep in the middle, those pigeons kept calling ‘hun hun’ in between. Thus the pigeons stayed immortal after hearing the Amar Katha. It is believed that one who sees pigeons sees Shiva Parvati. How do these pigeons live in tough conditions where there is a lack of oxygen, there is no arrangement for food and drink? We can’t imagine what they would eat, how they would live. Therefore it is evident that they are immortal. I just want to give this message that people should come in maximum numbers to have Amarnathji darshan. The Shrine Board has made good arrangements and people should travel under its guidance. I want to request all the countrymen to visit Shri Amarnathji shrine.

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