800 athletes from 13 states participated in Khelo India Winter Games 2024 at Gulmarg

Sports persons from different states of India participated in the winter Khelo India at Gulmarg, J&K . An athlete from Ladakh while sharing his experience said, ‘We are from Ladakh and our team is participating in different categories. For the 3rd time we are participating in Khelo India . If we talk about khelo India, it is a very big platform especially for our youth and this is the first time that this ice event took place in Ladakh as well & it has been successful. The snow games being held in Gulmarg is benefiting the players & tourism is also getting a boost. This time the facilities were really good and we got around 18 players from Ladakh and we reached 4th level and next time if not gold then we will reach silver or bronze medal inshallah. Gulmarg slopes are one of the best slopes in Asia. I myself have visited Manali, Himachal & other places but Gulmarg is the best. The Government should make it an international slope and maintain it properly. Another participant said, ‘I participated all the four times and it was a very good experience.The slopes were very amazing. My message is to everyone that they should come here. There is very good snowfall & good arrangements for food and accommodation.And we will keep coming here. Another participant said, ‘There are many amazing slopes here.There are no such slopes anywhere in the world and this time the facilities were very nice. My request to the government is that every Khelo India should be played here in Gulmarg. Such events help the youth in staying away from drugs.

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