480 police officers at Passing-out Parade in Kathua will strengthen the rich legacy of police force

The Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Manoj Sinha witnessed the Passing-out Parade of 480 trained police personnel from Sardar Prithinandan Singh Police Training School in Kathua, J&K. The police candidates received a long and challenging training in this historic centre. The LG stated: “The sacrifice and dedication of Jammu and Kashmir police needs no introduction. You are going to be part of such a police force that gave countless sacrifices to protect the integrity of Ma Bharati. I believe that by keeping society and national interest paramount, all of you will not only hone the skills learned in the training school, rather with your hard work, you will keep intact the rich legacy of the police and will further strengthen the high ideals of the rich heritage.” The LG stated that our security challenges have changed over the decades and have increased. Due to the birth of terror in our neighbouring country, the category of traditional and non-traditional threats and its range has also increased. Crime prevention, neutralising the forces of separation etc and challenges of dealing with nefarious designs of terrorist groups where they exist, some are taking the help of virtual tools, these unethical digital elements causing social unrest need to be dealt with firmly. Today, apart from the traditional battlefield, the policemen have to pay special attention to non-traditional threats present in the virtual world. To tackle the challenges like Cyber crime and disinformation through social media, the skills that you have learned through them you have to find creative solutions in the field so that firm action can be taken against the anti-national elements.

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