12th class boy from Jammu develops India’s Open-Source Satellite ‘InQube’

Onkar Singh from Jammu has invented an Open-Source Satellite named ‘InQube’. It is a narrow satellite with set missions. Onkar’s journey in computer sciences began when he was seven years old. When he made his first website he secured a Guinness World Record as the youngest web developer. He is also the World’s Youngest Doctorate holder. At the age of 12 he penned a theoretical book ‘When the Time Stops’. Onkar Singh has been conferred with the Rashtriya Bal Puraskar Award. .And now all of 16, he is launching his own satellite. He is coordinating with ISRO nodal body to test his satellite, register and do the necessary paperwork. After that his satellite will be ready for launch at the launch slot at ISRO rocket or some other companies. The understanding now is that his satellite is at a pre-flight testing phase. His satellite InQube is a one unit cube set whose size is 10 by 10 by 10 cm and weighs 1 kg. It is a narrow satellite and its mission is to demonstrate in-house developed electronics in space. Those electronics which are not officially graded for space to demonstrate whether the satellite can sustain the environment of space. There are three to four missions in InQube. The first mission is to test the entire bus system and prove its flight heritage. Second, we have different types of sensors. Talking about Attitude Control System and Attitude Determination System, Onkar said we have Passive Attitude Stabilisation. And we want to see whether the Passive Attitude Stabilisation works, how reliable it is and how far it can stabilise the satellite. Then we have GPS. We have different types of VOC sensors, gas sensors. For spatial data and through GPS we want to orbit the market in space.

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